Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Do You Wash a Turkey?????

With some really BIG buckets!!!!! Yesterday I helped my nephew wash his chickens, pigeons, and turkeys to get them ready for the county fair. It took me back to the days when my kids were in 4-H, and we sometimes had up to 24 birds to get ready to show!!!! After washing the birds, beaks get clipped and toenails trimmed. Who would guess??? The "fluffy" breeds of chickens, such as Silkies and Cochins, even get blow dried!!!! You become a chicken cosmetologist!!!!

To wash the birds, you need 4 buckets of warm water. The first bucket gets a mild shampoo, while the second bucket is clean water. The third bucket has vinegar in it to break down any remaining shampoo that might still be on the bird. The fourth bucket gets some glycerin--for adding a little shine to the feathers!!!! The morning of the show, you just need a little baby oil on the comb, wattles, and feet to make them shine!!!! Run a silk cloth over their feathers to remove any dust ---and your bird is beautiful for the show!!!! Good luck Eric!!!!

By the way, ducks and geese can wash themselves!!!! Just give them some clean water and let them have some fun!!!!

On August 22, we will have the youth from the Wisconsin Junior Poultry Association at the farm. They will be having a Showmanship Day with a poultry judge helping them to prepare for the national show. All are welcome to come and watch to see what showing poultry is all about. The kids are a great group of kids who would love to talk poultry to whoever is interested. Come and join us for an interesting and fun day!